Image Credits : Carrie Crocker, Adelia Kittrell and Nancy Nolan

“Our mission is to ensure everything sold at the market is grown locally. This lets consumers know that what they are buying is the absolute freshest it can be and is sold by the people who raised it.”
—Liz Sanders, Bernice Garden Coordinator

become a vendor

Photograph of Bob Barnhill from Barnhill Orchards by Nancy Nolan

The market complies with all federal, state and county regulations. The mission of the market is to provide a creative and open community space where Arkansas growers can come together to sell fresh, locally grown and sustainably raised food to the local Little Rock Community. Admittance to the Bernice Garden Farmers’ Market is pending the approval of your application by the Market Manager, including renewals.

Download the rules and regulations as well as the application documents below. Complete and send in – it’s that simple! We’ll notify you as soon as your application is approved by the market manager.

• BGFM Rules and Regulations — DOWNLOAD HERE

• BGFM Vendor Application — DOWNLOAD HERE

• BGFM Grievance Policy — DOWNLOAD HERE

Requirements for Application:

• Read the rules and regulations
• Complete the application
• Provide copies of all licenses and permits to operate your business. These may include: commercial kitchen license, nursery permit, organic certification, dairy permit, mobile vending license, and others
• Mail all information to the address provided on the application
• Await approval
• Payment is due upon approval of application

For more information, contact:

Bo Bennett
Bernice Garden Farmers’ Market Manager

Phone: 501.467.0466